11 June 2012


I'm a little faster on the draw for this week's 52-week challenge! This week is "delicate pattern" and I just went with lace as most everyone does ;)

Some other good ideas I thought of were: bird footprints (cute!), a kimono style pattern and a Faberge egg pattern. I finally decided on this lace, after being inspired by one of my favorite shirts that has a lacy back. I am absolutely in love with this manicure!!

So I finally bought myself another orange! If you'll remember from the "Orange" challenge, I only had one shade to work with. So now, I have Revlon's Tangerine as well! I love this polish, as it's only subtly orange unlike OPIs Atomic Orange, which is blindingly orange! Tangerine also has a slight shimmer which, of course, is only seen up close and in direct sunlight :)

I used Revlon - Tangerine, and OPI - Alpine Snow (which I'm running really low on, ugh!). The roses were freehand and the netting was stamped.

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