14 June 2012

So....Striping Tape is Awesome

I finally got my striping tape, and lots of it too! I have 18 different colors, and can't tell the difference between about 10 of them. Who cares, it was cheap!

Striping tape adds instant glam to a manicure....for about 5 minutes before peeling off. As much as I adore the insta-glitz, it seems that it may only be real effective if it's put onto the topcoat while still tacky. I was also thinking of putting a little nail glue on the sticky side of the tape. Not sure, and I'll have to experiment because I've never used nail glue either. Yeah....I'm pro.... ;)

This manicure goes onto one of my top favorites. It is utterly gorgeous. I'm not normally a fan of exaggerated half-moons but I think it looks good over a naked nail. Not as busy I suppose. I did not come up with design, but I also can't remember where I saw it. On Reddit somewhere, I'm sure :)


Ugh, it makes me want to puke Kate Spade bows everywhere it's so pretty!

For this I used China Glaze - For Audrey, Orly - Glitz and a rose-ish colored striping tape. I put Seche Vite on over the blue and gold and then put the tape on much later. Next time I'll put the tape on immediately in the hopes of a little mani longevity.

11 June 2012


I'm a little faster on the draw for this week's 52-week challenge! This week is "delicate pattern" and I just went with lace as most everyone does ;)

Some other good ideas I thought of were: bird footprints (cute!), a kimono style pattern and a Faberge egg pattern. I finally decided on this lace, after being inspired by one of my favorite shirts that has a lacy back. I am absolutely in love with this manicure!!

So I finally bought myself another orange! If you'll remember from the "Orange" challenge, I only had one shade to work with. So now, I have Revlon's Tangerine as well! I love this polish, as it's only subtly orange unlike OPIs Atomic Orange, which is blindingly orange! Tangerine also has a slight shimmer which, of course, is only seen up close and in direct sunlight :)

I used Revlon - Tangerine, and OPI - Alpine Snow (which I'm running really low on, ugh!). The roses were freehand and the netting was stamped.

10 June 2012

Beach Nails!

So last week's 52-week challenge was "summer," and while I'm a little late for it, I still wanted to show off what I did. I used a sponge gradient with blues and golds to create a beach landscape look. I gave the gold portion extra texture by using a crackle. It created subtle patterns and I think really added to the effect!

Isn't my pinky position a little derpy??? It has a mind of it's own, I swear ;)

I used Wet'n'Wild Mega Last - Never Been Kissed as the base. The gradient consisted of China Glaze - Shower Together (love!!), the Wet'n'Wild - Never Been Kissed, Orly - Glitz and China Glaze - Cracked Medallion. For the birds I used Sinful Colors Nail Art - Bad Chick. Whew! Lots of colors, and a lot of time.

I'm really enjoying being able to look at a little piece of beach here in the Rockies!

04 June 2012

Framed Bevin

Bevin is my current favorite polish, and this is the same color combo I used for this mani. I loved it so much and thought it would be good for framed nails!

Ugh. I love Bevin. Seriously, go buy it. You'll never regret it!

The framing was really easy with a striper, and I think I like the subtle look of it with a glitter rather than a solid color. I think this same framing would look really good with a light coral color as the base, and I'll have to give that a run sometime!

I used Zoya - Bevin (in case you missed that ;) ) and a glittery copper colored Stripe Rite.

21 May 2012

Hot Pink and Audrey!

This week's 52-week challenge is half-moon!

I must admit, that I suck at these. I use the circular loose leaf paper reinforcements, but I think the circle shape is too wide, I'd prefer a narrower shape. The polish always gets under the reinforcement too, which leads to me attempting to fix it up with my striping brush. Ugh.

But!! I love the colors I chose, and to be honest, I don't think this manicure really turned out all that badly. I've certainly been staring at it all damn day!

Proper pictures this time, I have my camera back, yay!

I thought the timing of this challenge was great with the eclipse last night and I was tempted to do something more spacey, but these two colors are awesome together!

I used China Glaze - For Audrey and Milani - Hot Pink. The pink is really coral looking, which was a pleasant surprise, and I can't wait to use this combo again!

17 May 2012

Orange Yellow Gradient with Monarch Accent!

This week's 52-week challenge is Orange. I only own one orange polish, O.P.I. - Atomic Orange, and thought it would really go well in a gradient with my new Color Club yellow. After completing the gradient, I knew I had to throw in a monarch accent, because it's a perfect color combo for it!

The yellow is so sheer that in some places in the photo, the nail looks nekkid, but there's a lovely glass shimmer all over each nail! This yellow has made for some pretty loud manicures, not something I usually do, but I've definitely had fun with it! The next time I go shopping, I'll have to pick up another orange. I have a good 15 bottles of blue and green, I should probably branch out a little!

Also, my poor thumbnail!! Usually it leads the pack in length, but I suppose all good things must end ;)

I used O.P.I - Atomic Orange, Color Club - Daisy Does It, a black nail art brush/pen combo, and Essie - Blanc.

16 May 2012

Shimmery Yellow Spots!

I'm back!! Finals are a pain in the ass, right??? Ah well, I got straight As, and now have the summer off to do nails, yay!! Just after the semester ended, we took a lovely vacation to San Diego, and in honor of the amazing zoo they have there, I did this leopard mani!

As I was unpacking today, I realised we left my camera battery charger in the room....ugh! Thankfully my phone takes damn good photos. :)

These colors are all new to me, went on a little binge ;) The white is Revlon - Powder Puff, a matte suede white. The black is Sinful Colors - Black on Black and the yellow is Color Club - Daisy Does it.

Let me talk about Powder Puff for a minute. When I saw a matte white I was way excited and totally tried it on in the store (I know!! Awful!). I wasn't real thrilled with how sheer it was and was walking off without it, when the light hit the nail, and I stopped mid-stride to marvel at its faint shimmer. This is one of those colors you try so hard to really reveal its subtle beauty....and it just does not work. The matte+white combo is almost impossible to apply. For a person, like me, who uses Seche Vite as a vital crutch in hiding imperfect applications....this polish is the ultimate in challenges! The way it looks under a topcoat was a pleasant surprise though. It maintains a very slight transparency, giving the whole color a little pink tint. I highly recommend it, if you're in the mood for a color that you'll hate to love!!

04 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

The lovely Cee has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Cee!

I highly recommend checking out her blog, she does really great work, and I've enjoyed perusing all the pics :D

7 Things About Myself

1. I am a mother to an amazing 5 year old!
2. I am also a newlywed, we'll be celebrating out first anniversary this May!
3. I'm in school currently.
4. I love horror films.
5. I love to travel.
6. I have a blog for my photo-a-day challenge.
7. I also have a blog that acts as a humorous insight into how women view each other as strangers. I have a lot of fun with this one!

My Nominations 

My blogging is so new, that I haven't had much time to really build a vast blogroll. So I pretty much just nominated everyone I follow ;)

1. 9ml Universe
2. Canadian Nail Fanatic
3. Emma Likes Cats
4. Glazed and Confused (LOVE her zombie Easter nails!)
5. Just Venom
6. Mixed Mama
7. Nail Noise
8. Nails Adored
9. OMG! Polish 'em!
10. Through The Wormhole
11. Topsy Hair, (not nail art related, great photos!)
12. Letters to Abbey (beautiful yoga/health blog)
13. A Sassy Conspiracy
14. Nails by Asami
15. Josie's Nails

Whew!!! That was actually tough. Looks like I need to follow more blogs!

Thanks again to Cee, this was a lot of fun!!

03 April 2012

Matte Clouds!

My sister said this was more reminiscent of waves more so than clouds, I like the imagery of both!

This was an all Zoya mani. I love the matte purple, and wanted to leave it matte, so there's no topcoat here. The lack of topcoat made for slightly textured clouds, which gave some depth to them. While I'm not sure how I like the rough finish, I'm loving the deep purple and light blue combo!

I used Zoya - Savita, Zoya - Yummy, Zoya -Carey

02 April 2012

Geometric Pastels!

Well, it seems I'm on a pastel kick lately! My husband's not real thrilled, and I'm sure I'll have to appease him soon with a vampy mani :)

I had some fun with taping for this, and really enjoy how it turned out. It's very fun!

I used Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac, Essie - Blanc, Zoya - Pippa and Sech Vite!